Use Ergoplati according to your needs

Ergoplati is designed and constructed by Sotiris Danos, a legitimate naprapat. The cushion is designed to provide maximum comfort while being easy to carry.

Ergoplati is wadded, which makes it extra comfortable and relaxing. It has a flat and a rounded side to fit all body types and different uses. The shape makes it work both as support for neck and lower back. The smart valve adjusts the cushion hardness. The pillow fills with air completely automatically.

We offer private individuals and companies a tool for correct posture in sedentary positions. The unique design of the back cushion makes it suitable for different body types.

Swedish Science Combined With Greek Pathos

has the smart valve to adjust firmness for support and customisation

the valve helps you to improve your body posture and quality of life.

designed to support back, neck, seating and sleeping,

requires little space in luggage and handbag, small in size and light


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