The Story

Swedish Invention

Reduces back and neck problems

Back and neck problems are increasing dramatically. Naprapath/Physiotherapist and entrepre neur Sotiris Danos has invented Ergoplati,a cushion that prevents and reduces back and neck problems while sitting. The cushion is used along the lower back or neck,where the body need relief and support the most. The cushion hardness is controlled by a unique valve.

Ergoplati corrects posture and is suitable for all body types.It makes you sit up straight and prevent back and neck problems.

You are welcomes to visit our website for detailed information on how Ergoplati can help you in the office,at home or when you travel.

The art of maintaining or improving one’s health has been the driving force behind the invention of Ergoplati. The idea was start with the smart back pillow developed by Doctor of Naprapthy Sotiris Danos, who works daily with people who are in need of better body function and health. Getting some help with muscles and sceletos in the form of a support that relieves the back and neck has been known to work before, but why then did not anyone want to use the support offered on the market?
Indecent support or support with only air filling that could not be adapted according to appearance became the answers.
Obviously, it was time to fill a hole in the market, out of which the idea was born to Ergoplati.

The Founder & The Inception

Our Founder, Dr Sotiris Danos, is a Swedish-Greek Physiotherapist, registered in Sweden, working with passion for the last 20 years, helping people to improve their well being. Dr Danos has been recognised among the top scientists in the area of Naprapathy, working with many well known athletes as well as individuals. Dr Danos translated his passion into Ergoplati Brand,a brand that develops genius pillows for comfort and well being, for all, at home, at work or on the move.

Research, Product Testing And Design Patent

During 2007-2008 we conducted a lot of testing with hundreds og people in order to come up with the final prototype, which was developed in Sweden. We have also got a patent registration for Europe for our first pillow.

The Product Launch

2009 was a comerstone year, when our unique Ergoplati back and neck pillow was launched in Sweden.

Focus On Sweden

The first years of our operations we were strategically focusing on Sweden. With careful efforts on marketing and channel management we have signed contracts with big companies in the health and pharmaceutical industry.

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