Construction and Development

The product name is a mix of ergonomy, the science on methods for human labor, and plati which means spine in Greek.

Ergoplati is designed and constructed by Sotiris Danos, a licensed naprapath. The pillow is constructed in order to offer maximal comfort, while simultaneously offering ease of portability. Ergoplati is flat on one side and round on the other to fit all body types and allow different means of use. Its shape makes it functional as a support for both the back of the neck and for the lower back. The firmness of the pillow is adjustable by using the smart valve.

The smart transport bag is equipped with a small fastener which allows for a simple attachment to other bags. The unique valve function makes it easy to deflate and store in its own cover.

Ergoplati is small and fits as easily in the glove compartment as in a handbag. It is lightweight and does not weigh more than an apple!

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